The button item allows you to add buttons, or 'calls-to-action', to your pages. These buttons can be set to do one of many things when a user clicks on them.

Item Settings

Click Action

This setting tells the system what should happen when a user clicks on your button. You have many options to choose from:

  • Business Center Page
    Selecting this will allow you to choose from any of your existing Business Center Pages to send the user to when the button is clicked. Once you select this option, you will see a dropdown allowing you to select a page

  • Show Popup Form
    Every page has a popup in it that can be used for a popup form. Selecting this will make the button pop up the form. You can completely customize the popup by clicking on the 'Popup Form' option in the sidebar control panel under the 'Sections' tab (NOTE: Pages may have multiple popups - if you have multiple popups activated, you will be able to make the button launch any of the available popups)

  • Go To URL
    This setting allows the button to send users to any external URL you want when it is clicked

  • Go To Checkout Cart
    This allows you to link to any of the checkout carts you have created in the Business Center. Once you select this option, you will see a dropdown to select a checkout cart

  • Go To Digital Download
    This will allow the button to link directly to one of the digital downloads you have created in your business center. Choosing this will allow the user to download the file that is part of your digital download

  • Next Funnel Step
    If you are building a page within a funnel, this setting will link to whatever the next funnel step is

Text & Secondary Text

Enter the text that you want to be shown on the button. You also have an optional 'Secondary Text' field that will add smaller text within the button as well

Styling the Button

  • Background Color
    Change the background color of the button

  • Text Color
    Change the color of the text on the button

  • Button Style
    Choose the visual style of the button

  • Button Size
    Choose the size you would like the button to be

  • Drop Shadow
    If you would like a drop shadow to be added to the button, you can select the size here

  • Button Width
    Choose how wide you would like the button to be

  • Button Alignment
    If you choose for the button to be a 'normal' width, then you can select the alignment of the button. Either left, right or center

  • Button Radius
    Choose if you would like the button to have any kind of rounded corners, or even a pill shape

Spacing Settings

  • Outside Spacing
    Changing these settings will add space to the OUTSIDE of an item.

  • Inside Spacing
    Changing these settings will add space to the INSIDE of an item.

These spacing settings can be adjusted for all 3 device sizes, allowing you to have more control over your page on both desktop and mobile devices.

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