The Heading Item allows you to add headlines of various sizes to your page.

Item Settings

Heading Level

Select the heading level from H1 to H6. The lower the level number, the larger the text size and the more important it appears to search engines.

NOTE: You can change the heading level font sizes for any page by clicking on the Page Settings tab in the sidebar, and then editing the Typography settings.

Heading Text

Enter your headline content in this text box. We recommend NOT using the text here for managing the font size unless absolutely necessary.

Heading Alignment

Align the headline to the left, right or center of the block. By default, this is set to 'center.'

Use Current Body Font

By default, the Heading item will use your 'heading font' selected under Page Settings > Typography. If you would like for a specific heading item to use the body font instead, you can check this box on.

Spacing Settings

  • Outside Spacing
    Changing these settings will add space to the OUTSIDE of an item.

  • Inside Spacing
    Changing these settings will add space to the INSIDE of an item.

These spacing settings can be adjusted for all 3 device sizes, allowing you to have more control over your page on both desktop and mobile devices.

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