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How to Add Content Items to a Page

Items are simply different types of content that you can add to your page. These items can be added manually to your blocks, or will be added automatically when adding new done for you sections or page templates.

You can have as many items as you want within any block or page.

Adding content items to your page is very simple. Items are added to blocks, so when you are editing a block on your page, you will see an 'Add New Item' button. Click on that button to pop up the item menu, and select the item type you wish to add.

Item Settings

Each item type has is own group of settings to customize your content. To access and customize an items' settings, simply click on the item within the page, or use the sidebar control panel to drill down to the specific item you wish to edit.

Types of Items to Use in Your Pages

Below are the different types of content items available to you. Click on any of the items below to learn how to use and customize that specific item type:

  • Heading: Adds headlines of varying importance

  • Text: Adds text boxes for content

  • Image: Adds an image

  • Video: Allows for a video to be embedded

  • Button: Adds a call to action button

  • Image/Text: Adds an options for an image and a text box to be side by side in one block

  • Form: Adds a form to your page. The Page Form Settings for a page will effect every form on the page

  • Testimonial: Adds a testimonial with options for text, video, image and more

  • Social Share: Adds your choice of social share buttons to your page

  • Social Icons: Adds social icons you can use to link to your social media profiles

  • Divider: Adds a customizable divider line between items

  • Accordion: Used to show and hide specific content. Useful for things like frequently asked questions

  • Progress Bar: Adds a customizable progress bar

  • Icon: Adds an icon of your choice to your page

  • List: Allows you to create a bulleted list using styled icons like checkmarks and arrows

  • Calendar Embed: Allows you to embed a booking calendar app in to your page (supports apps like Calendly and Bookify)

  • Timer: Adds a countdown timer to your page with various options on timing, as well as what happens when time runs out

  • HTML: Add whatever html embed code you wish

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