What Domain to Choose and If you need one.

Domain names are really your choice. Think about what your main goals are in your business and come up with a mission statement. When you have your mission statement, you'll be able to know how you want to brand yourself with a domain.

Think about what you will be offering on your domain. That should give you an idea of what it should be called.

You don't have to get a domain right away. We provide you with website links that you can promote in the meantime.

We do suggest for branding that you eventually get your own domain name.

Your own domain name can be hosted for your Funnelizer links. Training for this can be found under your training > marketing strategies > funnelizer > Video #7

You can also get your own domain name and host with MLSP sites/your blog. Training for this will be in your sites training portal when you first log into MLSP Sites. See Domain Mapping.

PLEASE NOTE ** Domain mapping for sites and hosting a domain with funnelizer are completely two separate sets of hosting for different purposes. They are not connected in any way.

The older domain hosting under the Legacy tab (legacy members only will see this), is also completely separate from sites or funnelizer, not connected in any way.

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