Zapier is an "advanced technical technique", and you will need to contact Zapier support for any help other than an actual "bug" with the Beta MLSP app within Zapier. We can help you by pointing to you to some resources we have created for you. We have created two training videos for Zapier in your MLSP back office. They are located here...

That is found in the "Training > Marketing Strategies" menu and then under the "CRM 7-Figure Follow Up" button near the top-right of that screen (see first attached photo). Scroll all the way to the bottom to "Advanced Techniques" (see second attached image).

These videos should provide you with all the guidance you need to set up a Zap for integration into the CRM. If you are still having problems, please review the training within the Zapier system, and contact Zapier support for more help.

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