How your leads get added to your CRM

MLSP provides a series of pre-made marketing campaigns out of the box that an affiliate can immediately market with their affiliate link. These are all listed under the "my websites" tab.

Depending on your membership level, there are MLSP campaigns, Product campaigns, System campaigns, and Profit campaigns (premium members only).


If you get a lead as a result of signing into any one of these campaigns, they will automatically be added to your my prospects list aka the CRM.

If you are using the funnelizer and creating custom funnels, you have to ensure you are adding MLSP as one of your integrations, and ensuring when creating your optin forms that you add MLSP as well.

To do this you first have to set up your API key under your profile settings.


Once you have set up your API Key, go into your funnelizer and under settings > integrations > Select MLSP in the drop down.


Copy the API Access Key and Secret Key from your MLSP back office and paste accordingly > Save Integration.

You only have to do this once for your funnelizer settings.

Then when you start creating your funnels, every new funnel with a new optin box, you will individually have to add this integration to your form.


If you are using a 3rd party service ie Aweber, you'll have to ensure you are adding both Aweber and MLSP to your main funnelizer settings and to any funnel form your create.

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