What is a Customer Relationship Manager

A customer relationship manager (CRM), is a software to help you manage ALL of your prospects & customers, and keep track of every interaction you have with every prospect! MLSP has created this to be included in your membership.

You can find this under your "my prospects" tab.


When you first log in you'll see your dashboard. The dashboard is a snapshot of everything going on in the CRM at a glance.

You will be able to see how many leads you had today, the last 7 days, the last 30 days, and all time by way of numbers and a graph.

You'll be able to see your upcoming tasks, newest prospects, priority prospects and rated prospects.

The task manager allows you to keep track and schedule any tasks you may have, whether it's a phone call, meeting, email etc.

You will be able to view all prospects and individual prospects. With individual prospects you will have access to their contact information, the lead source and tracking, keep track of all interaction history, take notes, set tasks, and more.

Another great feature is to be able to email your prospects directly from the CRM. MLSP has pre-made a series of email templates that you can use and edit. You can also create your own custom templates.

For more detailed instructions, please view the training tutorial in the CRM itself.

The first thing you will want to do is the training, you'll find on your menu on the left.


You will find further training under the training tab > my library


Scroll down to access several more training tutorials under......


CRM is not sending out emails

When sending out emails via your CRM, it will use whatever email client is your default on your browser. Therefore you have to make sure whatever email you usually use is set up as your default email client or you'll receive an error.

For example if you use gmail, but your default is outlook, then you'll have to change your default to gmail. Unfortunately as members have and use many different browsers, operating systems and email clients, you may have to google which ever one applies to you, ie "how to make gmail my default email client".


There is a training under the Training > my library for setting up your default email client if using g-mail.

VIDEO 3: Setting Your Default E-mail Client to G-Mail for your "Customer Relationship Manager"

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