As this is your business center, connected to your merchant account, from time to time you may have to issue refunds for a payment. It is quite easy to do so directly inside of your business center.

There are slight differences in terms of what happens when issuing a refund for a regular product payment, and a membership subscription payment, however the process to refund the charge is the same.

Refunding a Regular Product Payment

In order to refund a product payment:

IMPORTANT NOTE: For regular products, refunding the payment will immediately remove access to the courses that product had unlocked. It will NOT delete their account, but they will no longer be able to access the associated courses.

Refunding a Membership Payment & Cancelling a Subscription

Follow the steps above in order to refund a subscription payment. The main difference here is that it will NOT CANCEL the members subscription automatically.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the user is requesting a refund AND cancellation of their membership subscription, you will want to access their subscription via the 'Subscription Manager' and simply cancel it there.

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