The Manual Payment Processor is for manually giving a member access to a product, course or digital download for free, or one they have purchased in another way other than through your business center.

In order to create a manual payment, access the Manual Payment Processor by navigating to Payment Manager -> Manual Payment Processor and follow the steps below:

NOTE: You can only manually unlock a product for an existing member. In order to add a member manually, you can invite them to your business center via the Member Manager

  1. Product Select: Simply select any of your existing products from the dropdown and click 'Select Product'

  2. Member Information: Once you have selected the product you want to unlock, you will then choose the member you would like to unlock it for by entering their Email Address or Member ID, and the clicking 'Select Member'

  3. Payment Options: After selecting both the product and the member, you will then be asked to enter the payment details.

    - Date Processed: Will be automatically filled with todays date

    - Amount Paid: If you accepted payment elsewhere, use this field to add the payment amount. Use this for tracking external payments. If it is a complimentary product, just put 0

    - Payment Source: Select where the payment source came from, or if you are giving away the product for free, select 'Complimentary Product'

    - Transaction ID: This is optional and is used to assign a unique identifier to the manual payment. Use this for tracking or if this ID is provided by an external payment source

  4. Once you have finished with the options, click 'Process Manual Payment' and you will have unlocked your product for the specified member. They will now have access to the courses from that product when they login to their account.

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