With the Business Center Affiliate Portal, you can create your own affiliate program and private sales team that will sell your products for you in just a matter of minutes.

NOTE: The affiliate portal is currently being developed. The training in these knowledgebase articles is subject to change as we continue to add more and more features this new addition.

NOTE: The affiliate portal is only available at the MLSP Premium Membership level.

With the Affiliate portal, you can easily create 'Affiliate Offers' that your affiliates can promote and earn commissions on any sales they make.

You have many options when setting up your Affiliate Portal. These options are covered in the Affiliate Settings under the Affiliate Manager.

Once you have your affiliate settings dialed in, it's as simple as:

  1. Allow users to sign up as affiliates

  2. Create your affiliate offers

  3. Create the affiliate links, swipe content and creatives you may want to provide your affiliates

  4. Watch and track how your affiliate offer is doing, who is selling the most of any offer and how your conversions are.

Dive into the rest of the articles in this section to help you set up your Affiliate Portal!

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