In this article we will explain where you can find your leads that have signed into any of your campaigns, and where to find your new affiliate referrals you have referred to the system.

My Leads

Your leads also known as your prospects, once they have signed into any of your campaigns in your Digital Mentors backoffice, with the exception of product campaigns, they will be added to your CRM (Customer Relations Manager). Product campaigns do not have an opt in box, as they go straight to a sales page.

You will find this under in the left hand menu under tools > CRM (Customer Relations Manager).

Please Note: LEGACY This will be no longer supported as of June 30, 2023. Use your Business Center People Manager to handle any prospects or leads.

My Referrals

Any lead/prospect that has signed up with DigitalMentors under you as their referral or purchased a product will show up under your Affiliate Portal (Left hand menu) > Affiliate Referrals.

You can see the earnings from your referral under the Affiliate Portal > Affiliate Earnings.

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