As a premium member you will get access to weekly live webinars in addition to the regular scheduled webinars that Basic and Professional members get. You will find this under your training tab > my training library > premium mentorship.


Here you will find 3 tabs, Facebook Mentorship, Marketing Mentorship, and Technical Mentorship.

This page is where you can access the link to register for the live training's and access the recordings.

The Facebook Insider High-Level Group Coaching is currently hosted by Antonio Thompson and usually airs the 1st Thursday of the month @ 9pm est, (this can vary, so check back for updates).

The Marketing training is a live Q & A hosted by Brian Fanale and Jim Fanale. This airs the 1st or 2nd Thursday of the month @ 3pm est (subject to change).

The Technical Mentorship training is hosted by Anthony Jackson (Techy Tony), and airs the last Tuesday or Thursday of the month @ 9pm est. (subject to change).


Premium and Mentorship (qualified packages only), members have access to the Technical support Facebook group, see link to join. Once your membership has been verified as either a qualified Mentorship client or Premium member, a moderator will approve the request.

Once a Mentorship program expires, one will be removed from the group.

If a Premium member downgrades or cancels their account, their access will be removed.

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