Accessing the MLSP Facebook Group and Fanpage

To join our MLSP Official Facebook Fanpage, click here and to be added to the MLSP group, Click Here, and select the "Join Group" button located on the right side of the page. Once you click join, you will need to wait for an admin to review your credentials and add you to the group. (You have to be a paid MLSP member to access the group).

Make sure to bookmark the Fanpage and Group for easy access.

Alternatively you will find the links to join under the support down drop down.


Phone Support

Unfortunately, we do not offer one-on-one phone support at this time. We have specially created our step-by-step training videos in order to help you guide yourself through setting up your account and site.

You can also get assistance through our official Facebook group and Fan Page -- both available under the Support tab. At both, you will find some of our marketing leaders who should be able to give you guidance and offer some suggestions.

Of course, the support team is always here via email to help you if you get stuck. We can't walk you through the entire setup, but can offer assistance if you run into a site problem or an error message. Let us know exactly where in the process are you having difficulties and the error message you are seeing, and perhaps we can provide a solution.

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