You are able to manage your subscription by going to the link: My Account -> My Membership


Once you are on the My Membership page, click on the 'Update Subscription' link next to your subscription details.


Scroll to the bottom click on change subscription status then the next page, select your requested status '-- canceled --' from the drop down menu and click 'Update Subscription Status' -- DON'T FORGET to click UPDATE to save the cancellation!


AFTER you have canceled your membership, if you are still within the trial period, you can submit a request for a refund to (make sure to include your username).

If you are not within the trial period, active members will continue to have access through the remainder of your current paid-for period. After your paid subscription has ended, your paid membership access will be closed. Our membership payments are not refundable or prorated,

Canceled members can still be a free affiliate (if they have agreed to the affiliate agreement), and market some campaigns. Canceled members will also retain access to any purchased products under their training > purchased products. (some older product may still be store under the "store" tab).

PLEASE NOTE: An expired card on file, does NOT cancel an account. MLSP is not responsible for any charges incurred, this also applies to back up credit cards. MLSP is not responsible for any charges incurred on a back up credit card a member has added. By adding a back up credit card you are authorizing MLSP to utilize that card. Please follow the appropriate steps above to cancel an account to ensure no further charges

How do I know my account is cancelled

When you successfully cancel your account with MLSP the system will send an email confirming the cancellation with a survey to the email address listed on your account AND to Support so that the Support team can also confirm that cancellation should any issues arise.

Without a cancellation survey on record in accordance to the cancellation your account will not be deemed as cancelled. Always ensure that when cancelling the account you are confirming the cancellation through the back office or via support and receiving the email.

MLSP is not responsible for any accounts not cancelled correctly.

Cancel Purchased Product

Any product cancellations need to be requested via support at


Refunds for products are only granted if the request to cancel is received within the 30 days (unless otherwise stated), from date of original purchase, keeping in mind the day purchased counts as day 1.

Beyond 30 days absolutely NO refunds will be granted.

Purchased products on a payment plan will have to be cancelled within 30 days of the original payment purchase to be eligible for a refund.

Park your MLSP Membership

You are able to manage your subscription by going to the link: My Account -> My Membership

• Once you are on the My Membership page, click on the Update Subscription > Change My Subscription Status. Alternately, you can click here:

• Review the appropriate account options under "Changing Your Account Subscription Status

• Select your requested status -- parked -- from the drop down menu and click

Update Subscription Status

PLEASE NOTE: Parked memberships are $9.95/per every 30 days

In Parked Status: Almost all your marketing sites and links will be INACTIVE, however, we will keep all your account settings and any pages/sites that you had setup so that you may fully re-activate your account anytime in the future.

You will still have some access to the back office, including some MLSP campaigns and product campaigns, your account information, and any products you have purchased, while your account is parked.

You won't have access to any custom features, CRM/lead information, blog/site, funnelizer, training, tools, or any other links including webinar links and blog affiliate links.

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