For your Membership

Refunds are only granted when a member cancels their trial membership WITHIN the trial period time.

MLSP offers two trial period for each membership level. There is the 10 day trial and 30 day trial. Therefore depending on which one a member signs up for, to be eligible for a refund one would have to cancel no later than the day before the trial ends to avoid being charged. Be mindful of the trial period end date and when the next regular membership payment is due. You can see your next membership due date under your account tab > my membership


Regular subscription payments are NOT refundable.

For Purchased Products

Refunds for products are only granted if the cancellation request is within the 30 days (unless otherwise stated), from date of purchase, keeping in mind the day purchased counts as day 1.

Products beyond 30 days are absolutely NOT refundable. To request a refund (if eligible) contact support.

Trial Membership End Dates

Keep in mind that your trial membership starts as soon as you sign up, therefore the day you sign up is counted as day one of your trial regardless of the time of day.

You can always see when your membership dates are due under your account menu>my membership. If you just signed up, your trial ends before Next Membership Payment Due:

Note: The trial period gives you full access to all the same services as the regular membership fee (based on the level you signed up with).

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