Setting up your MLSP Profile Settings consists of 9 tabs. This article will go over how to set up each section of your profile.

To Set up your MLSP profile you will go to your Account tab and in the drop down box select "my profile". Account Profile Settings


Setting up your Profile

This will already be set up based on the information you entered when you signed up for the account.

Here you can change your username, email and password here.


When changing your username, this will also change your affiliate links under your my websites tab > my campaign links; for all your MLSP, System, Product, and Profit (if applicable). If you have already marketed your previous links, those will be invalid if you change your username. Therefore you would have to update them.

This will not change your username in your funnelizer links, nor will it change your username for your MLSP site (blog), under your website tab.


If you wish to change your email address shown in your MLSP account, go to your account tab > my profile . Click on change email and you will be asked to enter your new email as well as your account password. This will verify that this is your email and it's valid. Leave this window open and a verification code will be sent to your "New" email. You would then copy the long verification code and enter it in MLSP where it asks and update. You are not able to use an email that has already been used in MLSP (if you have had a previous membership).

To change your password, enter in your current password, and new password twice and save changes.

Security Settings

You will set up a secret pin. This is not your password, it's added security in addition to your password. You can enable a higher level of security by checking the box. This would require your pin every time you log in (recommended). You can have your device remember this, however will be required when accessing from any other device.


Please be sure you have this pin as well as your password and username stored securely. If you do not recall either your pin or password, you can reset one but not both. If you have any issues, you would have to contact our support department to assist you.

If your want to simply change your pin, you can do so here as well by clicking on update security settings. You will be asked to enter your old pin, new pin and answer security questions.


This is where you can update your account privacy settings and let you specify how people can contact you.

You will enter your contact information and then check the box of choice on where you want your information shared.



You can set up to receive notifications through text and email under your account > my profile > notifications.

If you enter and verify your mobile/cell phone number, MLSP™ will send you SMS/text messages for notifications you want to receive.

You can check off the boxes of what type of notifications you want to receive.


If you have this set up to receive notifications and are not receiving them, make sure you check your spam and/or your inbox settings so they are not automatically deleting or filtering your emails. And check with your host/email provider.

Make sure you white list @mlmleadsystempro, @myleadsystempro, to ensure you receive all updates.

If you are not getting the code to set up your text notifications, then unfortunately your mobile provider is not letting them through. We cannot guarantee all providers will work.

Enabling Email Notifications

Ideally, you "should" get an email every time someone signs up and/or buys a product, but that simply isn't the case with today's email filtering.

Make sure you white list * to ensure you receive the email notifications.

API Settings

Here you can set up an API to use MLSP Integrations with other software (optional).

API is an acronym for "Application Programming Interface". This core functionality is so we can more quickly and easily integrate our systems and services with our partners and other premium services.

About Me

This section is to provide some information about yourself to help your potential leads get to know you better. This information will be displayed on your websites.


This is where you can add your profile picture that will be displayed on some of your websites. We use a service called When setting this up be sure to use the email associated with your MLSP Account.

Gravatar makes it very easy to set up your profile picture. Follow the link under Account > My Profile Settings to their site. Once there, select "Log in / Sign up" > "Sign up" and enter the same email address that is linked to your MLSP account

They will first send you a confirmation email, to ensure you have access to (and ownership of) the provided email address. When you click on the confirmation link in the email, you'll be walked through the few steps to set up your Gravatar account. It doesn't cost anything -- you'll just need to set up a username and password.

Once set up, you'll be informed that you don't have images yet -- that's fine, as that's why you're there. Select the link at the end of the statement "Whoops, looks like you don't have any images yet! Add one by clicking here," select where you'd like to upload your photo from (your hard drive, on another site, from your webcam, or a photo already loaded to your Gravatar account.

Gravatar will walk you through the rest of your steps, including croping the image if necessary. If you run into a snag along the way, be sure to take advantage of Gravatars help menu and Frequently Asked Questions.

Social Sites

This is where you can set up your social networking site links. These links will be used in your signature as well as your landing pages in the system campaigns.

My Opportunity

This is your business opportunity. Enter the name and website URL for your business opportunity that you would like to promote. This will be presented to your leads on your system campaigns.


If you do not enter anything in this area, the MLSP presentation will show to your leads. If you do not have a business opportunity or link to enter, MLSP will still work for you. You can enter it at a later date if you want.

To change your business opportunity, you'll need to go back to 'Account > my profile' and then to 'My Business Opportunity', change the name and link, then save changes.

Once you have already entered a business opportunity you will not be able to leave it blank, there has to be a name and URL entered.

If you encountering an error when entering your URL, Please make sure you are entering your domain information correctly, including the http:// at the beginning of the link. This is the most common omission members make when setting up their Opportunity... and can cause the error message.

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