Manage Your Subscription

In this article, we'll show you how to manage and monitor your subscription.

Under your account tab, in the drop down you will see "My Membership" and "My Subscription".


Under the "My Membership" tab, you can see when your next payment is due, the amount and level you are at. **NOTE** The amount, date and level shown is only an example.


If you have canceled your account it will show "cancelled" by the membership level.

If you click on the blue tab or the "update subscription" link it will take directly to the "my subscription" page.


You can either scroll to the bottom of this page or click on the blue update button and it will take you to the bottom of this page. This is where you can change your subscription level, term and status.


If you want to cancel, park or reactivate your account, click on change subscription status, then select cancel, park, or reactivate from the drop down box and next page.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you complete the remainder steps right to the end, DO NOT hit the back button as this will cancel the process. If you are cancelling you will get a confirmation cancellation to your email.


Subscription Payment Schedule

Regular Membership payments are recurring every 30 days. These are clearly explained in all the terms and conditions that members agree to.

We offer 30 day trials and 10 day trials. The length and level of a trial all depends on which link you use to sign up with. After a 10 day or 30 day trial ends, the system will immediately process the regular membership fee, the amount depending on what level you are in. Membership fees will automatically recur every 30 days unless cancelled.

Note** As payments process every 30 days, the day of the month may alter, depending on how many days there are in a calendar month, ie 30,31, or 28. Therefore if your 1st payment processes on the 5th, and the month has 31 days, the next payment will be due the 4th of the following month.

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